How to turn off FaceBook reviews

remove facebook review tab

How to turn off FaceBook Reviews

Recently FaceBook has been making changes when it comes to the business pages.  Some businesses may have issues with competitors leaving negative reviews or unsatisfied customers. This can really have a negative impact on your business. We have a t-shirt printing business and have learned that there are always random people just leaving reviews. Regardless if they have used our services or not. When customers come to your business page on a mobile device, one of the first things they see is your reviews. If your rating is lower than 4 stars it may be better to remove the review section completely.

Until recently, this was very easy to do. You would have just went to page info and click on the tab to change your address. Under there was a check box that asked about check ins and having a map on your page along with your reviews. You would have simply unchecked. Now the review portion of that statement is missing. 

There are a couple ways to remove the review section that I have found. 

  • Change the category of your business 
  • Remove your address from your listing.

Changing the category of your business from local business to something such as a blog or website will remove the review section. The only downfall is this may hurt your search results. I am not 100% sure, but can only assume that if your facebook business page is on your local google results it might remove it.

Removing your address from your page is another way I have found that works. It is not as simple as removing. There are some additional steps. After deleting your address you will need to save it 


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6



That is the final step. Now when you look at your tabs the review tab should be gone. Maybe FaceBook will continue fixing the problem so we can atleast show our address again but until then this will need to do. I hope you find this post helpful.

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