Brief History of Screen Printing

Breif History of Screen Printing

Brief History of Screen Printing

 Screen Printing is a printing technique that uses a mesh over an ink-blocked stencil. The stencil has open areas that transfer the ink through the screen using a squeegee. This method is used on T-shirts, wood and many other materials. It is believed that screen printing was invented during the rule of the song-dynasty of china as far back as 900 AD. In the 1700’s it was then adopted by Europe but still wasn’t widely accepted until the 1900’s when a English resident by the name of  Samuel Simon officially patented the screen printing technique. 

In 1960 a American Inventor by the name of Michael Vasilantone invented the
multi-color rotary press that is similar to what we use today. Since then the printing technique has come a long way. With advanced Equipment that makes it capable of printing 1000’s of shirts a day. Manual and Automatic presses with micro registration give the printer the power to have accurate and sharp prints.

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