Custom T-shirt printing

Custom T-shirt Printing Fayetteville NC

Custom T-shirt Printing

When it comes to t-shirt printing there are plenty of different methods to get your t shirts customized. The most popular and the oldest form of printing would be screen printing. Screen printing is a great way of getting lots of shirts printed in a short time. Then there is one of the newest forms of printing, (DTG) Direct to Garment printing also known as Digital Printing. DTG printing is capable of just printing one shirt with out the need to use screens. It consist of an garment inkjet printer that is capable of printing full color images on to a shirt.

Digital printing uses waterbased garment inks that are specifically for T-shirts or other items that are 100% cotton. They are a eco-friendly ink. After the ink is printed on to the shirt it is then cured by a heat press. The heat press cures the ink by using a specific temperature with pressure forcing the ink to cure. Both screen printing and DTG printing can use waterbased inks. Another method that is capable of using waterbased inks is Heat transfers. Usually you will see Heat Transfer printers in a mall area where they dont need much space. They normally just need a Inkjet or laser printer a computer and a heat press.

There are A few types of transfers like vinly, inkjet and laser, dye sublimation and plasitol. The inkjet printers ussually use a common house hold ink jet printer. Some of the Laser printers are commercial printers. The plasitol uses transfers created by screen printers. Here at Your Digital Creator Custom T-shirt Printing we specialize in Direct to Garment Printing and also offer Screen Printing for larger orders. One of the other forms of printing is Foil printing. We specialize in Foil printing also if needing shiny shirts.

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